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Hi! I'm Lyndie Putnam


I am a certified holistic Life Coach and Seminar Leader who is passionate about helping women reach their full potential with powerful routines, goal systems, and inner work. I guide you to go deep within for self-discovery and growth so that you can set and achieve the goals that are meaningful to you. Whether you need support in building your dream business, developing personal goals, or just feeling more comfortable in your own skin, I’m here to empower you to become the best version of yourself.

With over ten years of sales experience in a competitive, male-dominated industry and over four years as a certified life coach, I know what it takes to set goals and achieve them. It wasn’t always easy though, as I ran into roadblocks from limiting beliefs and self-doubt at a very young age. Through much consistency and perseverance in my own personal growth, I realized that I had to overcome my old belief system to achieve the confidence, freedom, and success I deeply desired.


As I integrated Eastern spirituality with the knowledge I gained from my degree in Counseling Psychology, I was able to do the inner work needed to break free from my own personal limitations. As I continued to grow my confidence and self-esteem within, my finances, relationships, health, and overall happiness and fulfillment in life flourished beyond my wildest dreams. It was only after reaching my definition of success that I realized true transformation with anything in life first begins from within.

Now, it is my mission to take what I have learned and help other women do the same

Imagine how fulfilled you’ll feel when you break free from your own limiting beliefs and create a life filled with passion and purpose?

There is nothing more rewarding to me than to help others see their capabilities and create a life they love.

When I am not working on my dream business, you can catch me teeing it up on the golf course, going on hikes with my dogs, practicing yoga & meditation, or going on travel adventures with my husband.

This is what my dream life looks like. Ready to live yours?


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