The Ultimate Self Care List

May is mental health awareness month! Which means it is time pause and reflect on the quality of our mental and emotional health, so that we can still do, “all the things,” while honoring our health and wellness. Let’s dive in!

Your Mental health is your state of emotional, psychological, and social well-being. In a nutshell, it determines the quality of your life, ranging from the quality of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, relationships, finances, boundaries, priorities, and even physical health.

If you really want to show up in the world as the best version of yourself, it’s imperative to flip the narrative from “self-sacrificing” to self-nurturing first.  This way, you can always operate from a full cup rather than a depleted one.

Our mental health and self-care practice goes hand-in-hand. Just as our mental health effects the quality of our well-being, our self-care practice effects our mental health. This is why cultivating a daily self-care routine is so important.


Brain dump a list of everything that brings you energy and joy in the four categories below. (NOTE: While there may be some things you won’t be able to do every day, you can categorize these into daily, weekly, and monthly self-care routines). See mine below:

Physical Self-Care:

Yoga, golf, nature walks, hiking, running, long baths, massages. bike rides, swimming, supplements, hydration, weight lifting, hot herbal tea, sun bathing, spa days, having a clean and organized environment, & nourishing meals

Mental / Emotional Self-Care:

Writing, reading, creating life coaching material, painting, sketching, empowering quotes, inspiring podcasts, trying new hobbies, & deepening my yoga practice / breath work

Social Self-Care:

Sunday school class, yoga class, going to the gym, volunteer work / donating, spending time with loved ones, walking my dogs, retreats, & meeting new people

Spiritual Self-Care:

Meditation, yoga, travel, spiritual books, time in nature, gardening / planting, playing the piano, painting, affirmations, and spiritual retreats

For the ultimate self-care list, see below!

Choose to make your self-care list a priority by incorporating it in a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly routine. Raise your standards, develop strong boundaries, support yourself, and always put your health first. I promise, everyone in your life will benefit!