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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital planning?

Digital planning is set up to simulate the experience of using a real paper planner, only digitally! You will be able to write, highlight, and do everything digitally as you would a paper planner, plus much more!

How do I know if digital planning is right for me?

If you’re like me, you use your iPhone, iPad, and computer on the reg. Make it easy on yourself by keeping your planner on devices that you already carry with you on a daily basis!

What devices can I use the digital planner on?

Your will get TWO downloads when you purchase the digital planner

  1. iPhone  / Computer download
  2. BONUS iPhone download.

Both downloads will come in a PDF document and can be opened on any device (computer, iPad, or iPhone) that is compatible with opening PDFs.

I recommend using BONUS iPhone download if you're going to use your planner exclusively from your phone. 



In order to edit and write in your digital planner, you will need an application that allows you to annotate PDFs as well as a device that supports the use of a stylus. I highly recommend downloading the App, GoodNotes, first, that way you can immediately upload your purchased digital planner onto that platform and start using right away! (You will need to download GoodNotes on each device that you plan on using the digital planner in).

How do I download my product after purchasing it?

An email will immediately follow the purchase of your digital file(s). In your email, there will be a button to click that will automatically download the IPad file onto your computer an/or iPad. There will also be a BONUS file for your iPhone that you can download as well.

Do I have to use GoodNotes?

GoodNotes is what I use, but you can also use Notability, ZoomNotes, Xodo, or any app program that will allow you to annotate PDFs.

Will my iPhone planner automatically update as I update it in my iPad / Computer?

If your devices share the same cloud, then yes they will automatically update.

Will my planner send me alerts or reminders?

Digital planners simulate the experience of using a real paper planner, so no alerts or reminders will occur.

Why can’t I click my tabs?

In your GoodNotes or editing app, make sure that you have the writing tool turned off to enable clicking on the tabs. You can turn it on / off by clicking the pen with the line through it on the top right corner of your navigation bar.

Why is my planner is loading slowly?

Since your planner is a PDF file, it is an immediate download that you have access to. If it is slow moving, you may need to either restart your app, device, or double check your memory storage.

Do I have to repurchase a new planner every year?

There is nothing better than having the convenience of a dated planner. Similar to a dated paper planner, you will have to purchase a new planner each year to stay up to date with each year’s holidays, and receive the latest goal setting worksheets, exercises, colors, quotes, and much more! (Which is all part of the fun!)

If I still have additional questions / need help, what do I do?

Make sure to read through the FAQs completely and view the video tutorials for any questions needing answered. If you still have trouble, you can contract Lyndie directly at

Please wait 24/48 hours before getting a response.