Decoding Burnout

How to Use Burnout Toward Greater Alignment For Your Life

When I began my life coaching business in 2019, I set out with the soulful intention of making a difference in the lives of others. Only there was just one problem; I had never owned a business before, nor any idea where to start. So, I did what most new coaches do and hired a social media-based business coach in hopes of learning how to make the impact I desired.

After three months of implementing coaching strategies and tactics that ultimately did not resonate, my enthusiasm and excitement quickly morphed into self-doubt, confusion, and, eventually, total burnout. Although this style of coaching has helped many, it did not support the way I wanted to attract my clients nor conduct my holistic business. After months of soul-searching, I decided to forget the business tactics and go inward with my own coaching strategies to get to the root of my burnout. I asked myself:

“At what point did my initial sense of stress and burnout begin?”

“What limiting beliefs have I developed in regard to my burnout?”

“Why am I holding onto these thoughts that are not serving me?”

“What is the message my burnout is ultimately trying to tell me?”

“What is the highest vision that I want for my life and business? How do I move forward in a way that honors this?”

From this introflection, I discovered that it was not my coaching business that I was burnt out on- it was the approach I was using to share it.

By looking inward and discovering my own answers, I empowered myself to move forward with my business in the way that felt authentic and right for me. My newfound sense of clarity freed me from the rabbit hole of chronic self-doubt and renewed my focus toward the service that I wanted to provide others. This approach has since led me to make genuine connections with others, attract the right clients, and make the impact that I always hoped for.

Looking back, my feelings of burnout were not there to harm me, they were trying to show me that something needed to change.

Perhaps you have lost sight of your purpose in a business, or the vision you had for a project has now gone awry. Maybe you have lost the motivation to finish your book, you struggle to hit your weight-loss goal, or you feel overwhelmed with always having too much to do and no time left for yourself.

Whatever your unique burnout experience is taking you through, trust that it is a gift that is calling you to make a deeper shift towards a more aligned path. 

Darreck W. Kirby, a friend and gifted writer, once told me, “Burnout can be difficult and overwhelming, but it’s from those ashes that your soul can ultimately rise anew, reconnecting with what first inspired you.” All that is required is to be open, honest, and willing to shift toward a higher perspective, so that you can move forward with a sense of clarity, freedom, and purpose.

I now have this in my life, what does it look like in yours?