Am I Making the Right Decision? 10 Ways to Navigate Uncertainty with Peace

Have you ever felt stuck in the crossroads of a big decision, unsure of how to navigate your way through? Decisions like:

  • Should I go back to college?
  • Am I ready to start a business of my own?
  • Will this house be a good investment?
  • Are we ready to get married and start a family?
  • Is this the right career path for me?

Decisions are a part of life, but analysis paralysis can occur when you let too many outside factors influence you. Factors such as:

  • Valuing other people’s opinions over your own
  • Old, limiting beliefs about yourself and the outside world
  • Fearing potential failure, regret, and/or judgements from others
  • Societal norms and cultural influences

Aka, mental noise!

My fellow life coach, Diane Martinez, said it brilliantly,

“Don’t ask your mind to answer questions of the heart.”

As far as big decisions are concerned, I believe that your most authentic answers will come when you go within, quiet your mind, and listen to what your heart has to say.

Below are 10 ways to find your inner peace and make the best decisions that support the life you desire.

1. Take Ownership

Taking ownership over your life shifts you out of victim mentality and into an empowered one. You alone are responsible for the thoughts you focus on, the choices you make, and actions you take. The answers that you seek are already within- take your power back by discovering them for yourself.

2. Change Your Voice From Fear to Trust

We cannot make our best decisions from a place of fear. Like a radio that transmits stations from different radio waves and frequencies, you transmit emotions that have unique frequencies of their own. Fear is the station that operates on the lowest vibration of the emotional totem pole. From this state, you limit yourself with thoughts of self-doubt, anxiety, and despair.

If you wish to receive the most aligned answers from within, you must change your station to the vibration of love, trust, and centeredness. You can do this by reflecting on questions such as, “If I were in a complete state of trust right now, how would I think and feel differently about my situation?” “If I knew everything would turn out perfect either way, which path would feel the most authentic to me?” “When I imagine myself on both sides of the situation, where do I have the most peace?”

3. Get Quiet

Meditation is a powerful practice because it allows your mind, body, and spirit to break away from the mental noise and stress of the day and relax into a state of presence and peace. Take time daily, even if it’s for only for 10 minutes, to bring your attention towards your breathing and internal state. You can guide yourself with questions like, “What is it that my heart needs in this moment?” “What does my higher self want me to know?”

Do not judge the thoughts that come up nor try to force a response or answer from the mind. Listen and observe from within and trust that your inner wisdom will come through.

4. Focus On the Single, Next Best Step

Joy is your GPS. Relieve yourself from the burden of trying to figure it all out at once and focus only on the next best step that is in front of you. When you tune into what feels right in the moment rather than trying to predict the future, your internal compass will naturally reveal the most aligned path for you.

5. Know Your Intentions

If you still aren’t sure what your next step is, focus on the deeper intentions and feelings that you want in your life. This could be to feel purpose in your career or business, vibrancy and excitement in a place you want to live, or connection and trust in a healthy relationship. Embody these intentions daily and you’ll continue to make the best decisions that support them.

6. Fuel the Flame

We all have an internal flame that is constantly burning within us. When we do things that fuel it, we tend to feel enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, motivation, and joy running through our veins. Take time to visualize your flame from all sides of your situation. Where does your flame feel the most alive?

7. Embrace Discomfort

Times of uncertainty and change can be scary, messy, and uncomfortable, but they are gifts to help you grow. If you find yourself feeling frustrated or challenged in a decision, ask yourself what it is that you are currently resisting? When you can find peace and purpose in your discomfort, you will open yourself up to see the infinite possibilities your situation has to offer.

8. Be Kind to Yourself

Making a big decision is not easy, which is why it is very important to not overly criticize yourself and make self-care a priority. Think about the ways you can soothe and support yourself during this time. Ask yourself, “What do I need most in this moment?” Taking walks, getting plenty of sleep, meditating, exercising, and writing are all simple ways you can bring yourself back to peace.

9. Don’t Rush the Process

So often we rush to seek answers that aren’t yet ready to be discovered. You wouldn’t want to run a marathon without taking the time to train. Similarily, you don’t want to jump into a decision when it still may need further development. If you don’t have to make your decision today, then don’t rush yourself. Let go, stay open, and trust that you are growing through the process.

10. Talk it Through

Seeking counsel is encouraged, as long as you are supported through self-discovery to your own answers. As a life coach, I believe that working through transitional stages can be a very healing, awakening, and powerful process. Nobody can give you the answers you seek, but you can be guided to find them within. This is the job of a life coach.

As you work through these 10 steps, know that you are always divinely guided, supported, and loved no matter what direction you take in life. Everything in your life is working for your highest good. Trust it. If you need any assistance in the process, reach out to me. I am here for you. You are never alone.

Cheering you on,