Empowered Goal Setting

Whether it’s losing weight, finding a romantic partner, getting a raise or promotion at work, or going on that dream vacation, we create certain tangible goals based on the belief that they will produce certain feelings and emotions we want. 

Losing weight, for instance, is a good example of a tangible goal: it is something specific that can be measured and seen. Someone may want to lose weight for the obvious reasons of being healthy and looking slimmer. However, there are always deeper feelings associated with this goal, such as gaining more confidence or self-esteem. 

Creating goals are important, but tapping into the feelings that you wish to attain from said goals are even more vital. This is the intangible part of the goal; This is the root for why we create goals in the first place. Once you can already associate yourself with the feelings and outcome of your goal, you become on the same vibration and energy level as the goal itself, thus catapulting you much further along your goal journey than where you would normally be if you did not resonate with the end result. 

Below is an exercise I use for clients who come to me with a tangible goal. I still highly suggest you work with a life coach when you are working with goal setting, because there is much deeper work that usually takes place when working with a professional. However, grasping this concept and doing this exercise is a really good start! So let’s begin….

1. What is the goal that you wish to attain?

2. Why do you want this goal? 

3. What are the feelings associated with this goal that you wish to achieve once this goal is reached? (Ex: Greater confidence or a sense of fulfillment and importance in the world)

4. In what way do you experience these feelings already?

5. In what other ways can you experience these feelings BEFORE you obtain this goal?

NOTE: If you get stuck on this one, ask yourself the obvious question, “What would I know if I did know?” You have more wisdom in you than you think. Deep down, you know what is best for you. Get still and tap into your feelings vs your thinking mind.

6. Work on establishing these feelings within you every day.  Tangible steps are important for accomplishing your goal, but tapping into the same vibration and energy level of your said goal is even more crucial.

7. Take your first step. What is the first tangible step you can take towards accomplishing your goal? Make it big enough where it makes you step out of your comfort range, but not large enough where it cripples you.

8. Repeat step 6 daily and continue to take those steps towards that you desire! You can do it.

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