How Your Limiting Beliefs are Holding You Back

Limiting beliefs are exactly what they sound like: they are beliefs that limit you from reaching your full potential. All limiting beliefs stem from our mind’s way of justifying and protecting us from uncomfortable or dangerous situations. While these thoughts are initially created as a defense mechanism, they morph overtime into old story thought patterns that we eventually believe to be true. The good news? These thoughts are not truths, they are just habitual ways of thinking. The good news is that whether or not you feel like it now, you are ultimately in control of the thoughts you choose to think. It is time to let go of what no longer serves you in order to make room for more empowering thoughts. 

Write down any limiting beliefs that you have about yourself that no longer serves you: 

List all the toxic behaviors and habits that hold you back from the life of your dreams:

While many people see limiting beliefs as obstacles that stand in their way, CEO’s view them as opportunities for growth to raise their thinking and awareness to a higher level. Now that you know what your limiting thoughts and behaviors are, here are four ways to begin to work through and release them: 

1. Awareness is Key

Now that you know what to look for, become aware of when these limiting beliefs and behaviors pop up. Remember, these are thinking habits, and it takes about 21 days to break them and substitute them with new ones. While it’s helpful to work with a coach in this process, awareness is the first step to letting your limiting beliefs go.

2. Realize That Your Thoughts are Only Thoughts: They are Not Truths

Your mind thinks thousands of thoughts each day, and most are completely random. Your mind is a neutral tool that can run wild if it is not trained properly; It is up to YOU to decide which thoughts you choose to listen to. Start training your mind to have a positive thought filter. Whenever a limiting belief or negative thought arises, acknowledge it as just a habitual thought pattern, not your truth.

3. The Voice of Love vs The Voice of Fear

All limiting beliefs stem from a voice of fear. When these limiting beliefs arise, ask yourself what the voice of fear is currently saying. Then, flip it to an opposite voice of trust and love: What would love say instead? When you answer this question, notice how much lighter your energy becomes, then choose the voice that feels better to you. (Hint: It’s alwaysy the voice of love).

4. Do Not Fight or Resist Your Thoughts: Accept and Love Them

Do not seek to condone or fight your limiting beliefs, but accept them from a place of love and understanding. Have compassion for yourself as these beliefs were formed by your mind as a way to protect you from perceived harm. Thank your thoughts for being there, then gently kiss them goodbye as you tell them they are no longer needed in your life. (Remember, it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so be gentle with yourself in this process).

Cheering You On,